Top10 eCig brands


TheMagicMist has been following top 10 eCig companies closely and our research guys have been compiling data available to us. MagicMist decided to make the result of this research public.

Top 10 brands by

    1. V2
    2. Blu cigs
    3. Greensmoke
    4. Premium ecig
    5. SouthBeach
    6. Njoy
    7. Vapor4Life
    8. Mistic
    9. EverSmoke
    10. Safecig
Source: TMM research. Jul 2012 report.

Top winners and losers: The top 10 list actually has surprises for us well. When we compiled the data it made us sit up straight.

  • The top company is V2 and not blu. A few months ago both were neck to neck but after the acquisition by Lorillard blu seems to have lost some ground to V2. V2 has emerged as the clear winner – at least for now. It holds a vice grip on eCig review websites and its Groupon deal gave its marketing a solid boost.
  • The new entrants to this list are Premium eCig, Vapor 4 Life, Mistic and Eversmoke. Mistic’s ascent into top online is not surprising given that its user base is boosted by its presence in Walmart. However Premium eCig, Vapor 4 Life and EverSmoke came out of nowehere – kudos to their marketing departments.
  • By far the biggest surprise for us and for readers alike would be how SafeCig has fallen. This mighty brand of yesterday has yielded to other upstarts. It is not clear what drove this – Google’s penguin update should be partly responsible.
  • Green Smoke continues to rule the roost with its long history and base of customers.

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