Vaping Etiquette: What you should know


If you enjoy vaping and want it to remain, or to become, acceptable in a variety of public places, it’s important to remember that with anything new there is going to be some opposition just based on being unfamiliar with products like electronic cigarettes.

Being a good ambassador of e-cigs will help it to become a more accepted practice in society and less likely to be banned in our local communities. Instead of being outraged by someone who doesn’t understand, be patient and respectful, and educate them on the subject while also keeping in mind these tips when it comes to proper vaping etiquette.

  • Ask for permission before vaping in public, for example, you might ask the bartender at a bar or the restaurant manager at a dining establishment if it’s okay for you to use your electronic cigarette. This helps make a good first impression to those who are not familiar with vaping.
  • If you’re in a confined in a small place with others who do not smoke or vape, refrain from vaping yourself.
  • Do not even think of vaping on a plane – the airport terminal may be okay but with the very strict rules when it comes to flying, even the appearance of smoking should be avoided on an airplane.
  • Use common sense. If you’re around a large group of small children, that’s probably not a good place to take out your e-cig with the concerns of some that it could set a bad example for kids.

Keep in mind that it was those few rude tobacco smokers who blew smoke in the faces of others or tossed their cigarette butts on the ground that shaped a bad reputation when it came to smoking. With electronic cigarettes a fairly new, yet quickly growing, trend those who vape now have the opportunity to create a positive view by being respectful and polite.

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