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Hello Magic Misters,

Welcome to our blog.  Given that this is our 1st blog post to the world, we figured we would take this opportunity to introduce our team and give you the background of how we got where we are today.

The Magic Mist was co-founded by ourselves, Sanjay Veerkar and Guru Charan, in March 2011 and shortly thereafter we brought Matthew Dominy on as a Marketing/Social Media Advisor. We started The Magic Mist because we value the benefits that electronic cigarettes have to offer and were confident that we could bring a high quality substitute to the market at a lower price.

While the market already consisted of many popular brands, we knew that there was room for improvement.  We researched the competition and focused on the top brands as defined by popularity, quality and reliability.

Since there were many electronic cigarette brands in the market already, we decided not to take the traditional route of launching another brand but rather to improve the product quality of existing top brands.  As we explored customer feedback from these brands, we noticed a pattern of feedback where improvements could be made: low vapor quantity, taste, quality, and product price.  Our aim was to utilize this customer feedback and “fix” the reported product issues.  Additionally, some brands had started off with great products but the quality came down drastically once they were successful.  Thus, our mission is to always produce a high quality product backed with excellent customer service.

After extensive legal and product development due diligence, The Magic Mist team finalized their manufacturing vendors, e-juice ingredients and suppliers.  In the selection of these partners, product quality was a top priority.  After months of preparation, online sales of The Magic Mist products were launched on July 10th 2011.

Customer response to the products has been overwhelmingly positive so far.  We want to build and cherish our customer network by focusing on continuously identifying areas of improvement.  Our goal is to incorporate customer feedback to improve product quality on an ongoing basis and to provide electronic cigarette customers with the highest satisfaction.  To support our efforts to reduce the strain on our customers’ wallets, we are priced at a discount to the competition and offer various deals and discounts.  We have a new program for our loyal fans coming out soon, so get ready!

We really appreciate your support and feedback and hope that you will join on this journey forward.


-Sanjay & Guru

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