What Celebrities Are Vapers?

Ecigs have been a part of Hollywood culture even before they became mainstream a few years ago. The celebrities who vape range from starlets to Oscar-winners!

deppJohnny Depp introduced the electronic cigarette to the big screen in his film The Tourist, in which Depp smoked an e-cig in front of a “no smoking” sign. Depp has been a long-time smoker of tobacco cigarettes and has tried to kick the habit for some time now. While he debuted the e-cig on the big screen, Depp has also brought vaping into his personal life. He has even upgraded his electronic cigarette to a more advanced e-cig alternative.

When she takes a break from singing, Katy Perry may be KatyPerryECigspotted puffing on an e-cig. While there may not be many pictures to prove it, some sources report that she looks to be a fairly experienced e-cig user.

leonardo dicaprio 2Another celebrity who has been seen sporting an ecig is Leonardo DiCaprio. With California being one of the first states to ban smoking in most indoor spaces in 1995, celebrities like Leonardo seem to be enjoying the ability to smoke the e-cigs indoors. He was spotted puffing away on an e-cig at the 2014 Golden Globes to reportedly help calm his nerves before winning the Best Actor award in the musical/comedy category.


There have been a number of prominent female celebrities lindsay-lohan-vapingthat have been spotted using the e-cig, including Lindsay Lohan. This switch to e-cigs came after Lindsay’s father reportedly was worried about the damage she was doing to herself with tobacco cigarettes and recommended she try out the e-cigs.

sean_pennAnother celebrity you may spot “vaping” is Sean Penn. Even during interviews, Sean is not shy about breaking out his e-cig and puffing away. Sean vowed to quit his four-pack-a-day smoking habit (tobacco cigarettes) after watching his father die of lung cancer in 2001.


After being scrutinized for smoking tobacco cigarettes tooemedtv_121387 close to her children, Britney Spears can now be spotted using the e-cigs. Britney has publicly reported that it was electronic cigarettes that have allowed her to take control of her life and finally “win” her battle against the habit.


emedtv_121384Robert Pattinson has been reported to be pretty open about his effort to take care of himself and kick the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. In a 2012 interview, Rob pulled out his electric cigarette and explained that he was using it to help get over his habit. In 2014, he has been photographed on his film sets still puffing away on the e-cigs.


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