What is PG(Propylene Glycol)? Is it safe?

PG or Propylene Glycol is a common ingredient used in electronic cigarettes as a medium/vehicle base for the e-liquid. Many consumer and even some electronic cigarette companies have said otherwise – trying to claim that their VG (vegetable glycerin) is safer.

The fact is that PG is actually more commonly prevalent in everyday foods and lesser harmful than the scary name ‘Propylene Glycol’ would suggest. Same thing as calling water as “Dihydrogen Monoxide” or “Hydrogen Oxide”. However the risks of using PG are there for you readers to judge. I merely present the facts:

1) PG has been approved by the FDA for human consumption as a food additive



2) It is widely used in all sorts of foods that we feed even our kids and consume in mega quantities anyway such as ice cream and soft drinks.


Hence singling out electronic cigarettes for PG would not be rational or sensible.

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