What is the e-cigarette experience like?

One of the most common questions tobacco smokers have when considering making the switch to electronic cigarettes is, “what is it like?”

While different brands can vary somewhat and you may have to experiment to find the right one for you, for most people it’s easy to find the one you like really quickly. I spoke with several friends, and friends of friends to find out what they had to say. Here are some of the common responses when asked what the experience was like.

“Electronic cigarettes are the closest thing you can get to real smoking. I believe that’s why they’ve become so popular. Many people I know have switched over this past year. They give you the real smoking feel without all the harmful additives.”

“I planned on slowly switching over to e-cigarettes from my regular cigarettes, but it was so easy I didn’t have the need to. I ended up having my last smoke as soon as I started vaping. The first week I had a slight craving with my morning coffee, but it was nothing like what used to happen when I’d try to quit cold turkey. I smoked for almost 20 years but I haven’t gone back once – that was almost a year ago.”

“It seemed weird at first, but it really feels like the same old habit of smoking cigarettes through the mist rather than the smoke. I really like not having to worry about the smell or stained teeth. Of course, I’m also happy about my nasty cough going away not long after I quit smoking tobacco.”

“Eight weeks and I never want to go back to regular cigarettes again.”

“I was going to finish my last pack of cigarettes after I got the e-cigs, but I never wanted to. They’re still sitting in the back of my desk drawer and that was three years ago.”

“I got a really cheap e-cig kit at the mall the first time. It wasn’t great but I could still see the potential so I tried a different one and haven’t smoked regular cigarettes for almost three months now.”

“The first brand I didn’t like so much and wasn’t sure if I could really switch. It had a weird taste. But my girlfriend bought me a better brand after reading reviews, and since then I’ve never really wanted another regular cigarette. Next month, it’ll be a year since I touched one.”

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