What is Your Opinion of the Use of E-Cigs in Public Places?

If you are a smoker and have familiarized yourself with the electronic cigarettes, then you may have formed an opinion as to whether it is appropriate to use them in public places. There has been a lot of controversy as to whether they should be used in designated no smoking areas. In fact, it can create quite a stir amongst users and non users of these smokeless devices.

In many countries the laws have not updated themselves to cover the use of electronic cigs in banned smoking areas. So some users of the e-smokes feel comfortable using them in these areas. For those that do not smoke however, many still frown upon this.

For some, they are not aware that the smokeless cigarettes are tobacco free and feel they are still at risk from any residue that comes from the e-smoke. They believe that if these devices are using nicotine in their e-liquid then they are still at a second hand risk. Then there are some non-smokers that believe that no form of smoking whether it is modified or not, should take place in public. This is based on their own morals and they don’t feel that it gives one a favorable impression of themselves.

Everyone has certain public rights however. The average smoker of regular cigarettes, do comply with the no smoking rules. Many out of courtesy will not smoke around non-smokers because of the risk factors of being around second hand smoke. For those that are using the smokeless cigarettes they often feel that they create less health problems for themselves, and do not put the non-smokers at risk. Based on this they are of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with smoking them in public places.

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