Which other brand of cartridge is compatible with my brand of electronic cigarette?

Now this is a tricky question to answer – because the short answer is that compatibility is not always guaranteed. Though many brands are actually of ‘standard’ type – e.g. V2 cartrdges should work with Vapor4Life and vice-versa this may not be true.

The real reason is that though these standards do exist they are not closely adhered to by the brand’s manufacturing vendors. For example: in Oct 2011 V2 ended up procuring a large production batch of electronic cigarette cartridges that were not properly compatible with their own V2 batteries – due to subtle design changes from their original design. This likely cause was because they switched their vendors and the new vendor did not replicate the design accurately. Hence if V2 cartridges may not be compatible with V2 batteries then there is no way they will be compatible with Vapor4Life.

Besides the above caveat here are the steps to follow to research if you can use another brand’s cartridges on your electric cigarette:

a) Look at compatibility charts on the web: e.g. http://www.ecigarettes365.com/electronic_cigarette_compatibility.

b) Look at compatibility options from TheMagicMist. Though they have tested compatibility their range of flavors is very limited. So you if you wanted cherry – for instance – you have no luck but to go with the more expensive brands such as blu, V2 etc.

c) Buy a few packs first. Yes, it is easy to get carried away and buy a lot of packs at once but is economical and practical to buy a few cartridges first and then buy more when you like the product. Saving 25% off on a product you do not like is hardly a good deal. True – TheMagicMist has free shipping and a 100% refund guarantee but I am too lazy to mail items for refund.

d) If you do not like the cartridge immediately don’t give up right away. Try a different nicotine strength because harshness/strength does vary by manufacturer. For instance V2’s 16mg tobacco may taste harsher than Vapor4Life’s similar cartridge. Hence try a different strength and give it one more shot.

e) Once you find that another brand works for you please go out on the web and share your story – at least on facebook. Spread the word that there is no need to feed the monopoly of the ecig brands.

Hopefully you do find a quality alternative to your existing ecig brand. Based on the feedback shared by TheMagicMist’s repeat customers they find that this is often true.

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