Why Are Officials Concerned About the Use of E-Cigarettes?

As soon as the big flurry of the e-cigarettes became rampant amongst the public, the officials of various countries began to take notice that they would not be able to fence sit on this particular product. They have dealt with some of the pros and cons to basic tobacco products that have taken years to address.

Some of the common concerns that some governments have about these e-smokes are…

Not using them properly could cause nicotine poisoning.

There is not enough quality control.

They can cause addiction.

They have not been authorized. (for example nicotine based e-smokes in Canada would come under the FDA)

It would seem if one looks hard and long enough that these are the same complaints that officials were faced with when it came to standard cigarettes.

These concerns do not balance with other responsibilities that various governments have and raises several questions such as…

Has it ever been proven that standard cigarettes or related tobacco products will not cause nicotine poisoning if misused? Or is it 100% known for sure that those products that are deemed as nicotine replacements that also contain nicotine, could not cause nicotine poisoning if misused?

How can e-cigarette manufacturers follow the government standards of quality control when the Governments do not set the regulations that they must adhere to?

There is such a thing as alcohol poisoning, so why have these particular products not been banned?

Of course the actual rulings concerning the e-smokes vary according to different countries. What is outlined here is just an example. In these examples it appears that the concerns are not based on any real studies or research, but more on having to take some sort of stand in respect to these alternative smoking products that have and continue to create many differences of opinions.

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