Why Buy Electronic Cigarette Kits from www.themagicmist.com?


When it comes to online shopping, nothing would be better than an e-cigarette purchase. There are a variety of e-cigarette deals which come live every second over the internet. Some are custom tailored for an every day smoker; others are made for first time smokers. All in all, you can find extreme value for money electronic cigarette kits deals online. At http://www.themagicmist.com you will find a variety of e-cigarette kits for your everyday and luxury usage.

Quality and Variety:

There is no need to look elsewhere when buying cigarettes at themagicmist.com. This site provides a one stop all solution to your e-smoking needs, accessories, tips and brands. Quality is unparalleled and comes with great customer service. Or your money back.

Compatible Accessories:

You can find batteries, cartridges and luxury e-cigarette kits online but not all of them offer value for money. The electronic cigarette kits as offered by www.themagicmist.com have a price advantage along with accessory compatibility with over 25 top e-cig brands. It is ideal for a die-hard smoker and a newbie e-smoker looking to develop his own stock of e-cig accessories.

Cost Effective:

Magic Mist express kits come with a battery, USB charger and a pack of refill cartridges whereas its deluxe kit package offer more refills, with an additional battery and a wall adapter. The price is 25% less than the industry standard with quality products and accessories. The price efficiency and quality combo is what attracts most of the e-smokers to kits like the ones offered by www.themagicmist.com.

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