Why does my cartridge heat up?

Electronic cigarettes are more like electric cigarettes: they operate on a simple yet fairly strong electric current to generate vapor. The reason for this is two-fold:

1) E-cig companies aiming for more vapor: In an effort to increase vapor production electric cigarettes also emit more heat than ever before. The problem can be improved by using better heat insulation on the body of the cartridge but most manufacturers using metal casing.

2) Heavy smokers: Most smokers – especially those who try ecigs for the first time – tend to draw longer, harder puffs. The same heat that generates vapor also heats up the cartridge. This is the main reason why ecig smokers face this warming up of the cartridge. This problem is made worse by users trying to draw too many puffs in rapid succession. The heat is often worse when the cartridge does not have much liquid left.

Manufacturers are still a little behind as they try to balance the heating problem with the demand for vapor. A majority of the vaping customers do not have a major problem though with heating and vapor production is considered as being more desirable.

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