Would You Be Embarrassed to Be Seen Smoking an Electronic Cigarette?

There are some smokers of regular cigarettes that really do not care about the opinions of others regarding their smoking habits. Then there are some that do not feel that the electronic cigarette should be classed as smoking, and feel that using these in public places draws too much attention to them personally.

Often, it is the source of a conversation starter. Many people are still quite curious about the e-cigarettes. Standard smokers who have not tried the smokeless cigarettes, will jump at the chance many times to question someone that happens to be using one. Several non-smokers are still not sure if their personal health is at risk when around the e-smokes, so they will draw close to a person vaping on an e-cigarette to see if they can spot any adverse effects.

Then there are others that do enjoy the e-smokes but don’t feel that they are realistic looking. They feel that they are somehow being phoney when using them, and based on this they feel self-conscious about using them in public.

Then there is the group of regular smokers who have made the decision to use these electronic smoking devices to assist them in changing their daily smoking habits. They are of the opinion that for whatever reason, these devices will assist them in smoking less, or at the very least assist them with a chosen non- smoking regime. Not every smoker who is trying to give up their habit likes to make it known that they are making such an attempt. So they really don’t feel comfortable making using of any other form of smoking whether it is an electronic device or a nicotine replacement in public.

You have to draw your own conclusions as to how you perceive the e-cigarettes, then determine if they have any influence on you when it comes to smoking in public.

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