13 Helpful tips for your electronic cigarettes!

  1. When first using an electronic cigarette, read complete directions. Most of the e-cigarettes work in a similar way but due to a variety of options and different kinds available in the market, it is always a good idea to know more about the type of e-cig that you might have bought
  2. Charge the batteries before usage since they are not always charged when shipped (for safety reasons).
  3. Do not force a cartridge onto a battery if it seems threading is tight. Redo and attach again gently, else battery threads may get damaged.
  4. Take small drags and work up to a full drag similar to using a regular cigarette/analog. Inhaling too hard or too frequently can cause coughing and may also heat up the cartridge.
  5. Drink plenty of water/liquids up to a gallon a day to help with the transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. This is normal and usually subsides after a few weeks to a month. The reason is that your lungs are cleaning themselves and the coughing is helping to rid your lungs of the film/tar build up.
  6. Often the directions say to wait until the LED lights start flashing on the battery before putting on recharge. However, once you get familiar enough, it is best to recharge the battery before the LED starts flashing. Another way to tell if a battery needs charging is when the vaping/dragging/puffing gets weak and for most standard (cigalike) batteries it is 4 to 6 hrs. For larger batteries (EGO, Mods) the smoking time could be different before they should be recharged.
  7. Important: It is strongly recommended that once a week (or twice a week if you are a heavy e-cig user) clean the inside threads of the battery.
    • Lightly dip a Qtip in white rubbing alcohol clean/sweep inside of the connection thread walls. Make sure that liquid alcohol is not too much that it drips the liquid inside the battery threads.
    • Repeat step a) with a dry Qtip.
    • A toothbrush can also be used instead of a Qtip.
  8. Since the batteries have electronic circuit inside, always store the batteries under normal room temperatures, away from extreme temperatures and humidity.
  9. Do not carry e-cigarettes or batteries in tight/snug pockets like Blue Jeans. The LED tip might fall off when taking out the battery from a tight pocket.
  10. Do not carry e-cigarette batteries along with car keys, loose change, or cell phones in the same pocket/purse/jacket. This is dangerous and more so for ego type devices. It may cause a shortage/ combustion effect. Keep in separate areas when traveling.
  11. Do not leave your e-cigarette in vehicles during hot weather or extreme cold.
  12. Keep cartridges/tanks/clearomizers disconnected from batteries when not using for long periods at a time. Once opened/used, store clearomizers/tanks in upright position, unless they are empty. Laying them flat will dry out the atomizer/wicks if any ejuice still remains inside (since air can flow through them to dry them faster). Recap them after opening and when not using.
  13. At the end of the day it is best to disconnect and recap cartridges/tanks/cleaomizers and reconnect the following day before usage.

Most of all enjoy the new and better alternative to being smoke free with so many choices that is yours to make!

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