Vapor4Life e Juice Explained

Vapor4Life e-liquid is still a top selling eJuice for former smokers and vapers who use high resistance blank cartridges and vapor clearomizers. When selecting between Vapor4Life’s eJuice on our website, you’ll notice some flavors are available in “WOW” and others are available in “Premium.” The WOW eJuice bottles have a blue label and the Premium e Juice bottles have a black label. You may be wondering, “What’s the difference between WOW and Premium E-Juice?” Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Customers have asked us to explain the difference between WOW and Premium E-Juice, so I’m going to outline the differences so you can make an informed purchasing decision. All Vapor4Life e-Liquids work great with high resistance tanks and low wattage vape devices like the Magic Mist EGO Vape Kit.

Vapor4Life WOW E-Juice

As the name suggests, most e-cigarette users say “wow” when they tried this e-liquid. Like Vapor4Life Premium E-Juice, WOW E-Liquid is full of flavor and gives you a throat hit that feels like taking a drag off of a cigarette. Here are a few features of Vapor4Life WOW E-Juice.

  • More vapor
  • Milder throat hit
  • 75PG/25VG (PG heavy vape juice)

Vapor4Life Premium E-Juice

  • Lighter vapor
  • Stronger throat hit
  • 75PG/25VG (PG heavy vape juice)

The VG/PG level for both the WOW and Premium E-Juices is 25 VG/75 PG, so they’re a great pick for former smokers who switch to vapor cigarettes.

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