Best Vapor4Life Prefilled Cartridge Alternatives

Vapor4Life Shuts Down Operations

Due to the new PACT Act regulations that have increased costs for online vape businesses, Vapor4Life decided to recently shut down it’s operations. Don’t worry Vapor4Life fans, the Magic Mist is now the only retailer of Vapor4Life prefilled cartridges and e-Liquids in the United States. You can find anything from the top-selling Vapor4Life Peppermint e Juice to Vapor4Life Traditional Tobacco prefilled cartridges for your Vapor Titan battery for a limited time at the Magic Mist online vape shop. Find out what Vapor4Life products are still in stock here.

Best Substitutes for Vapor4Life Vape Products

The Vapor Titan eCig battery is still available for a limited time at the Magic Mist online vape store, but don’t fear if your favorite style or color is not available. Magic Mist’s Vertigo 808D battery is fully compatible with Vapor4Life prefilled eCig cartridges. The Vertigo eCig battery is only available in an auto version, but works very similarly to the Vapor Titan battery from Vapor4Life. If you are looking for prefilled eCig cartridges that are compatible with your Vapor Titan battery, look no further than the Vertigo eCig cartridges (they are also V2 cigs compatible).

Vapor4Life Clearomizer Substitute

The Vapor4Life 808D Clearomizer was a superb refillable mini vape tank that was compatible with Vapor Titan batteries. Even though the Vapor4Life Clearomizer tank is no longer available, you can still use the Vertigo 808D Clearomizer from the Magic Mist that is a very similar vape device to the V4L clearomizer. The Vertigo Clearomizer also holds up to 1mL of vape juice and works great with Vapor4Life eJuice, as well as Magic Mist e-Liquids.

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