Best Vapor4Life e Juice Alternatives

Now that Vapor4Life has shut down it’s operations, it is important for long-time Vapor4Life customers to find the best long term solution for their eJuice needs. If you are looking for the remaining Vapor4Life e Juice on the market, look no further than the Magic Mist online vape store. The Magic Mist still has 23 of Vapor4Life’s top selling e Liquid flavors available for sale.

If your favorite Vapor4Life e Juice flavor is no longer available for purchase, a great substitute for Vapor4Life loyal customers is the Magic Mist e Juice line. Magic Mist eLiquids provide a similar experience to Vapor4Life liquids due to their similar PG/VG ratio, bottle size, pricing, viscosity, flavor options and nicotine options.

Magic Mist e Liquids are available in Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Green Mint, Coffee and Strawberry vape flavors. Furthermore, Magic Mist has nicotine strengths available from 0mg (nicotine-free) to 24mg. This wide variety of nicotine strengths should satisfy even the pickiest of Vapor4Life life long customers.

Vapor4Life Coffee e Juice Flavor Alternatives

Even though some of Vapor4Life’s most popular coffee e Juice flavors are still available for purchase at the Magic Mist, there are other coffee vape juice alternatives for customers that prefer a bold coffee flavor. Fans of sweet coffee vape juice flavors can still find Vapor4Life Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe, Vanilla Mocha Frappe e Juice, and Vapor4Life Coffee Mocha Frappe e Juice available for purchase at the Magic Mist, but the top-selling Coffee eJuice flavor is no longer available for purchase. One great alternative for vapers that enjoy the same taste, experience and price of the Coffee Vapor4Life e Juice is the Magic Mist Coffee e Liquid. Magic Mist Coffee e Liquid is also sold in a 30mL bottle, has a similar PG/VG ratio (which is vital for a consistent vaping experience) and is offered in very similar nicotine options.

Vapor4Life Menthol e Juice Alternatives

Now that Vapor4Life’s business is permanently closed, the exclusive retailer of Vapor4Life menthol vape juice is the Magic Mist online vape shop. While popular flavors like Vapor4Life New Menthol eJuice and Vapor4Life Menthol e Juice are still available for sale at Magic Mist, there are tremendous alternatives available at the Magic Mist for high PG menthol e Juice flavors. The Green Mint and Menthol Magic Mist e-Liquids are ideal for Vapor4Life customers looking for an e Juice alternative that is here to stay. Green Mint is a slightly sweet, yet refreshing mint flavor that is an ideal e Liquid to try for former Super Mint and Peppermint vapers. The Menthol Magic Mist e Juice is an exemplary pick for long-time Vapor4Life menthol vapers due to it’s similar PG/VG ratio, nicotine options, and flavor profile.

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