Best Tobacco Vape Juice Flavors

Due to new regulatory changes, it is becoming more important to find the best tobacco vape juice flavors for your refillable vape device. The Magic Mist offers a wide variety of tobacco e Juice flavors for former smokers and long time vapers alike. Longtime smokers will often make the switch to vaping with a tobacco flavor in order to ease the transition.

It is important to use a tobacco vape liquid that works best with the vape device that you choose to vape with. The resistance of the tank coil, size of the e-Juice intake holes on the coil, and power of the device all should factor into your e Juice selection decision. For example, Magic Mist Blank Cartridges work best with high PG e-Liquids like The Magic Mist Tobacco e Juice or Vapor4Life Outlaw Blend e Juice.

Magic Mist E-Juice – Tobacco

Magic Mist’s Tobacco e-Liquid is sold in an original blend that contains a higher PG mix, as well as a High Vapor e-Liquid that contains a higher VG content and is designed for sub-ohm vape tank use. The original blend tends to work best with low wattage devices, while the High Vapor e Juice works best with vape mods with sub-ohm tanks. The High Vapor mix will provide a smoother hit and sweeter taste.

Vapor4Life Wowboy e Juice

Vapor4Life’s Wowboy e Juice mix combines a bold tobacco flavor with minor hints of coffee, chocolate, and mint to create a very complex tobacco vape flavor. This tobacco e Juice, like the original Magic Mist blend, is a high PG vape juice that works best with vape cartridges and clearomizers.

Vapor4Life WOW Oasis e Juice

The Vapor4Life WOW Oasis e Juice was created 11 years ago by the flavorists at Vapor4Life and has been a top selling tobacco vape flavor ever since. The Turkish tobacco flavoring mimics a popular Turkish tobacco cigarette in order to make the transition an easier one for smokers.

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