8 Things You Can Learn In Less Than 11 Minutes

chordLearn a simple song on the guitar.

If you learn these five simple chords, you’ll be able to play tons of different songs.

Learn how to read someone’s palm.

Want to forecast your future and impress people at parties? Learn how to palm read in just a few minutes.

 Learn how to fold your shirts properly.

No one likes a creased outfit… Follow these simple steps to store your clothes wrinkle-free!

Learn how to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

Every self-respecting grown-up should know how to scramble eggs. Take a hint — it’ll pay off on Sunday morning.

Learn some origami.download

Folding paper can be both relaxing AND rewarding once complete and shaped like an adorable animal or crown!

Learn how to change a tire.

You never know when you might find yourself stranded on a road trip. Changing a tire is one of those essential skills that everyone needs to learn sooner or later!

Learn how to identify the freshest fruit.

Did you know that there are little tricks behind choosing the ripest fruit?! Those days of bruised bananas are over!

Learn the art of packing a suitcase.

There is a right and wrong way to pack… Take note and save some space for BOTH of those pairs of shoes on your next trip.


Think of all the incredible skills you could accomplish with more time! What would you do with 11 more minutes in your life?

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