Could E-Cigs Lead to Illicit Drug Use?

One of the biggest concerns that many in the general public have is one thing that may be perceived as being addictive, could lead to another substance that is even more dangerous and addictive. Being as nicotine is a common ingredient that is found in both e-smokes and standard cigarettes, parents of young teens and adults are sometimes concerned that these smoking products will lead to a craving for illicit drugs that are capable of creating a euphoria in some of its users. Concerns about the use of marijuana or hard core drugs are the most prevalent.

There have been varying reports that standard cigarette use leads to more widespread use of marijuana. This is still open for debate as it has to be remembered that many marijuana users do not, nor have ever been smokers of cigarettes. The only time they indulge in tobacco products is when mixing it with the pot or hash oil that they have chosen to use.

Something else to be considered is that when it comes to the e-smokes the levels of nicotine vary. Most of the users of these alternative smoking devices will make their choice on their preference of how much nicotine they choose to consume. Several of these e-smokers will opt for those e-cigs with the lesser amounts of nicotine. This is because they enjoy the various flavors and scents that are associated with the various brands.

It would seem that any individual that was bent on using a product that would create the type of euphoria that was going to create a significant change in their feelings or behavior would automatically go for the illicit drugs from the beginning.

There is always an exception to anything, and nobody could say that the possibility does not exist that an electronic cigarette could lead to illicit drugs. Then again the same could be said about standard cigarettes or alcohol for that matter.

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