Heads Up – News – Updates 11.28.2018

BELTRAMI COUNTY, MINNESOTA: HEADS UP! At a meeting last week, the Board of Commissioners were introduced to proposed ordinance to raise legal tobacco buying age to 21 (likely including low risk #vaping products.) CASAA Minnesota: https://bit.ly/2ON9DjM


UPDATE: (BARBERTON, OHIO) Council members didn’t “want the responsibility of taking rights away from 18-year-olds because they are legal adults.” Thankfully, they also didn’t bar them from a much safer alternative to smoking! #THRsavesLives

Council votes no on Tobacco 21

THE MORE YOU KNOW: (VIDEO) “Do we want children to become addicted to anything? No….But keeping a small percent of teenagers from trying e-cigarettes is not worth sacrificing adults whose lives could be saved.”


UPDATE: (MOUNT VERNON, OHIO) Council ELIMINATES provision that would have prohibited adult smokers 18 – 20 access from safer vapor products while still allowing them to purchase cigarettes. Sadly, vaping still treated the same as smoking in indoor ban.


IN THE NEWS: (WISCONSIN) Record low #smoking correlates with 3/5 smokers trying #vaping and 54% of #vapers NOT SMOKING combustible cigarettes, but health officials only credit their “efforts” while worrying over minority of vapers who haven’t yet quit.

Data: Adult smoking in Wisconsin at record low

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Helping adult smokers quit or switch could have bigger impact on youth smoking. 2014 study: “Teens whose parents were current smokers…were 10 TIMES more likely to themselves become regular smokers…than kids with nonsmoking parents.”


This article was originally published at CASAA
Author: KNoll-Marsh

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