How to go nine months without smoking!


After you quit smoking, the urge to start smoking again pacifies with passing time. However, as you overcome it, you grow more and more confident and hopeful that you will bid a permanent farewell to your smoking habit and live a happy, healthy and risk-free life.

As you pass the three-month benchmark, the nicotine level in your blood stream almost diminishes and all that is left is your mental association with the cigarette. Smoking is a long-term hobby and its sudden absence in your life can prove to be a gaping hole that you seem unable to fill. However, taking up alternate interests to keep you occupied during the day can make you forget about smoking and help you overcome the urge permanently.

The urge to smoking is most prevalent when you are angry, depressed or feeling low. Instead of channeling out your feelings through puffs of smoke, search for more healthier options. Talk to your friends or family, read a book or listen to some of your favorite music. Soothing long walks and meditation and yoga can also help you unwind, relax, and overcome sudden mood swings and cravings.

As time passes by, indulge in healthier and interesting activities that keep you busy and absorbed and away from feelings of loneliness and boredom. With passing time, you will be surprised with the positive change and outlook of your life.

If all else fails, remind yourself of the health benefits that you have achieved in just a small period of time by quitting smoking. Within six to nine months, you can see a significant improvement in your sinus, nasal and throat problems, with a definite reduction in coughing and shortness of breath. Fatigue and laziness decrease and your mind and senses become sharper than ever.

Savor the feelings of freedom and control as you stay smoke free and healthy for the first few months after quitting and start enjoying your new life.

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