Mistic eCigs – squeezed by Walmart


Mistic eCigs – a recently launched brand – are now available at Walmart. This obviously means that they will sell a lot of kits – mainly due to the sheer size of Walmart and not a testament to Mistic’s quality itself.

Your humble blogger bought a Mistic kit from a gas station in Oklahoma and what follows is an informal review: the kit was quite inexpensive (see pic below) and quality was not bad. However the cartridges were quite bad. Now what would drive a company that has the ability to get into Walmart shelves be blind to its quality?

For the answer one does not need to look too far: the big box Walmart squeezed Mistic out of a big chunk of their margins. In doing so Walmart forced Mistic to cut too many corners and quality suffered. TheMagicMist offers quality cartomizers for much a lesser price than Mistic cartridges. When I used Mistic battery with TMM’s batteries everything was better: vapor quantity, taste, after taste and how long the cartridge lasted.

Will Walmart realize that prices are not everything but quality also matters?



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