More Options for Canadians who want to keep Vaping


With Health Canada banning sales, importing and the advertising of electronic cigarettes in the country, many citizens have unfortunately been forced to return to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. While many are questioning the motives behind the ridiculous decision to ban e-cigs while continuing to allow sales of traditional cigarettes as well as potentially dangerous smoking cessation medications, in the meantime, smokers are left with few options.

The good news is only electronic cigarettes and cartridges with nicotine are banned, and smokers can purchase those that do not contain nicotine.

If you ask, “What’s the point?” Remember that for many smokers, it’s the habit of having something in your hand and the rituals of smoking that are the most difficult to break. Not knowing what to do with their hands is one of the most common complaints of smokers who are trying to quit. It becomes a huge part of their life, and human beings are creatures of habit. Many smokers find themselves reaching for another cigarette and lighting it without even thinking about it.

The e-cigarette is the only product in the world that actually mimics the look, feel, taste and sensation of smoking, the most difficult thing for a long-time smoker to give up.

For Canadians who have tried options like the nicotine patch and failed, it’s possible that using the nicotine patch along with legal e-cigs that do not contain nicotine could be the answer for you. Once you’ve weaned yourself off nicotine completely you can then simulate the experience of smoking by using only e-cigs without nicotine for a satisfying experience without returning to the nasty tobacco habit.

While some e-cigs without nicotine may cause you to lose the throat hit and peppery complexity that nicotine brings to the flavor, high quality e-liquids and cartridges will contain rich, complex flavors that replaces that missing link and provides a similar feeling to the sensation of smoking traditional tobacco.

Until Canada and other countries that have banned e-cigs come to their senses, this option is far better than returning to traditional tobacco.

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