Should Non Smokers Accept the Use of Electronic Cigarettes?

When the electronic cigarette first came out on the market it created a lot of positive emotions for the smokers, and a lot of curiosity for the non-smokers. For those that smoked regular cigs. and wanted to quit they perceived these tobacco free smokes as a possible alternative. They were considered as one they could use to break their smoking habit. For those that didn’t want to quit standard smoking, they saw the e-smokes as something that would be acceptable to the non-smokers. This meant no more having to sneak around or find private places to enjoy a smoke which has become the trend for the regular smoker.

It hasn’t quite turned out that way, however. People started using these smokeless cigarettes in prohibited smoking areas and this created a bit of a fury with the non-smokers. It seemed that instead of the issue being the exposure to smoke for them, it was a matter of principal. The area was designated as no smoking and that is what should be adhered to. So needless to say there were more than one heated arguments taking place during these moments of confrontation between smokers and non-smokers, in no smoking areas.

Again it will come down to the acceptance of electronic cigarettes will be a matter of personal opinion. It would be fair to say though, that the person opposing smoking needs to review their reasoning. If they are opposed to regular cigarette smoking because of the health issues evolving around second hand smoke, then this complaint cannot be justified with the e-smokes as they are smokeless. However, if they oppose cigarette smoking because they find it appalling to see, then yes they could still have an issue with the electronic cigarette, as the use of these mimics the actions of a regular smoker.

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