Time it takes for Nicotine to take effect


Nicotine is a damn quick acting drug. It is one of the most potent chemicals in our surrounding. As soon as it enters the body in inhalation this is what happens in the first 10-20 seconds:

  • It enters the bloodstream via the lung
  • It enters the heart and gets pumped all over the body
  • It reaches the brain crosses the blood-brain barrier and enters the brain
  • There it releases endorphins and cause pleasure and stimulate reward sensation

All this in 10-20 seconds. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12971663

Meanwhile the smoke causes degradation of all tissues including the lung. Even when ingested in vapor/e-cig or chewing gum form nicotine is not good for your health.


Do yourself a favor:

quit nicotine addition.
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