What is Really in Those Electronic Cigarettes?

For those that are just beginning to take an interest in the electronic cigarettes the first question usually is, “what are the ingredients in these e-smokes?” The answer will depend on which particular brand you are interested in. Just as with standard cigarettes which vary in their ingredients, the same applies with these alternative smoking devices.

Some brands will contain nicotine. How much again with depend on the maker. They come in various strengths. For those that enjoy a light infusion of nicotine they can purchase e-liquid with a 12mg. strength, or for those that are looking for higher strength then there is 24mg. available.

Added to the e-liquid could be a variety of other ingredients to create a more pleasurable smoke and aroma. Some will contain a mint flavor to create the menthol effect. Propylene glycol or a derivate may be another ingredient. Most of the different brands will contain a certain amount of water that also includes various scents or flavoring.

Every manufacturer of the e-smokes will tell you exactly what their ingredients are. There are no dark secrets as to the compounds that go into these smoking alternatives. It is easy to do further research into each of the ingredients to determine what it actually is, and what if any potential side effects there are to these. You can then make a decision based on your own findings as to whether you feel that your chosen e-smoke is a good alternative for you.

Something that you should be equally interested in, is what is not generally found in the electronic smokes. Which are the multitude of carcinogens that have been so readily identified in standard tobacco products. What you may also find interesting is that there are multiple ingredients in many of the tobacco products that have not even been identified as yet.

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