What is the right level of nicotine strength for me?

So many people complain of ecigs being too weak or not satisfying it makes me wonder if they realize how strong their addiction really is? If artificially ingesting clouds of vapor/smoke is not satisfying enough then you got to tone it down a little bit. No addiction is good for god’s sake.


Hence my advice would be this in following sequence:

1) Try to quit smoking, vaping, chewing gum, etc. completely. If that is not possible:

2) Try ecigs to reduce your craving. Over time try to quit ecigs as well. If that is not possible:

3) Try to get to a lower strength of nicotine to allow your body to adjust and withdraw from the nicotine addiction. If that is not possible:

4) Try a little bit higher nicotine strength if you absolutely must so that you feel that you have killed your craving for a while. If not possible – only then

5) Go for a higher strength.

But whatever you do – do not go back to traditional cigarettes. If possible quite all forms of addiction – including electronic cigarettes.




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