Will E-Cigarettes Control the Cravings?

The first thought by many smokers of regular cigarettes when e-cigs hit the market was they would be able to control their nicotine cravings. Then for those that had no intentions of wanting to quit smoking, they would not give the e-cigs a second thought.

Nicotine has always been the number one priority as being the bad substance in cigarettes. It is the compound that is believed to be the most addictive for smokers and is what creates the problems they face when trying to quit smoking. This is the ingredient that is believed to create the cravings for a cigarette when a smoker has gone awhile without his last cigarette.

In respect to the e-cigarettes controlling the cravings, it has to be understood that many brands of e-smokes contain various levels of nicotine as well. There have not been enough controlled studies just on the effects of nicotine itself, to determine if it is the sole ingredient that creates the cravings. It has to be remembered that normal cigarettes contain a whole host of other additives. Who can really say whether it’s these combinations of additives and nicotine that create a stronger craving, and because e-cigs don’t have these additives, it may reduce the cravings?

Some people find that buying regular brand cigs with lower nicotine levels helps them to control their cravings once they adjust to the reduction. Others have reported that hypnotherapy has helped them control their cravings. When it comes to the e-cigarettes, the answer can only come from the individuals who use these smoke devices and their experiences concerning their cravings.

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