11.10.17 – What we’re reading and watching this morning


Elk Grove Village – Ordinance No. 3527, An ordinance amending section 3-6B-1 and Section 3-6B-4 of the village code by amending …

“WHEREAS, the Mayor and Village Board has determined that it will serve and advance the public’s health, safety and welfare and be in the best interest of the Village and its residents, to amend the Village Code of Elk Grove Village to increase the minimum age for the purchase and sale of tobacco products and electronic smoking devices to twenty-one (21) years of age.”



“First, it is important to draw a distinction between a “smoke-free campus” movement and a “smoke-free student body” movement. While the former would constitute a blanket ban of tobacco and nicotine products on campus, the latter would be a concentrated effort to help the student body wean off the addictive substance. While this seems like a meaningless distinction, it creates two vastly different futures for the Loyola community.”


Middleboro, MA – The Enterprise, Eileen Reece – Middleboro board keeps tobacco-buying age at 18

“‘I am opposed to changing the age to make it up to 21. If the state thinks it’s a good idea, let the state issue the mandate. Cause I don’t believe I should create business for my surrounding towns by taking it away from my own town,’ said Selectmen Vice-Chairman Stephen McKinnon on Oct. 30.”


Bridgemi.com, Michelle Minton – When Lansing writes laws based on emotion, rather than facts

“Laws that banned e-cigarette sales to minors, for example, seemed only to push teens into smoking traditional cigarettes at higher rates. Taxes on soda, meant to reduce the consumption of sugary beverages, only caused people to drink more beer. And keg registration laws only prompted underage drinkers to buy different forms of alcohol.”


KTVZ.com news sources – Crook County tobacco sales ordinance takes effect on ‘Smokeout’ Day

“…November 16 also marks the day that Crook County Ordinance #300 goes into effect.  This ordinance requires all Crook County retailers who sell tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to post Oregon Tobacco Quitline contact information at the point of sale.”


The Washington Times, Laura Kelly – E-Cigarette users save more money than smokers, poll shows

“Users who switched to e-cigarettes reported saving an average of $1,416.60, according to the online poll conducted by LendEDU, an online marketplace that helps students refinance their loans.”


National Post – Big Tobacco urges Canada to ensure legal nicotine competitive with black market

“Imperial isn’t lobbying for lower taxes for traditional cigarettes but is against future increases as well as the federal government’s plan to require plain and standardized packaging…”

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Author: Alex Clark

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