Heads Up – News – Updates 1.9.2020

CDC continues to implicate nicotine products in lung injuries without disclosure. Debunking vape junk science. Heads up in Virginia, Rancho Mirage and Oroville, CA. Philly vape shops not selling to minors.
GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY: To date, CDC nor any other agency has disclosed what (if any) nicotine products used by few patients who claimed no THC used were found to be contaminated OR if they had similar symptoms. This is DANGEROUS and UNACCEPTABLE.

In Wake Of 4th Massachusetts Vaping Death, BU Doctor Says State Failing To Properly Inform The Public On Cause Of Illness
VAPE JUNK SCIENCE: Combined, what authors cite as “risks” are still unlikely 5% the risks of smoking. Most misrepresented or junk. FDA-funded study found exposure above never-smoking 96.6% lower than smoking. PS. authors have notable conflict of interest! Read: An often-made claim that e-cigarettes are ‘95% safer’ is not valid

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA: (HEADS UP!) Citing deaths CDC firmly linked to tainted THC products not even sold in stores, city plans to discuss on Jan. 16th a sales ban of all retail nicotine vapor products, while leaving highest risk products (cigarettes) for sale everywhere.

City of Rancho Mirage proposing a ban on the sale of vaping products – KESQ
OROVILLE, CA: (HEADS UP!) 1st reading of flavor ban passed & 2nd reading is January 21st! Council blames flavors for teen vaping, although CDC data actually shows 55.5% vaped out of “curiosity” and just 22% cite flavors. Even so, less than 6% vaped daily.

The city council of Oroville is pushing ahead with the ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products – Chico Enterprise-Record – Technoea News
VIRGINIA: (HEADS UP!) Lawmakers have proposed HB1119, banning sales of flavored tobacco/vapor products. Intended to “stop tobacco companies from addicting a new generation,” the bill will instead close down small businesses helping adults quit smoking!

Delegates propose raising cigarette tax, banning sales of flavored tobacco products in Virginia
PHILADELPHIA, PA: Compliance checks result in 149 tobacco retailers losing license for selling to minors. CASAA saw NO vape-only shops on the list, contrary to latest ANTZ narrative that vape shops are a threat to children. Kudos, Philly vape shop crews!

Philly health department busts 149 tobacco retailers for selling to kids

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Author: KNoll-Marsh

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