How to take care of my E-Cigarette Battery? Some Helpful Tips.


Taking good care of your battery will not only increase the life of your battery, it will produce thicker vapor and less frustration while using it. If your e-cig is not producing enough vapor, you can check our July month’s article My-battery-does-not-produce-any-vapor. Is-it-defective? for some helpful tips.

Some helpful tips that would increase your e-cig battery life:
1.  Do not store or leave your battery in areas with high temperatures (e.g. outside in the sun) or low temperatures (e.g. outside in the night in colder areas, inside the refrigerator, etc) or high humidity (e.g. rainy conditions).
2.  Avoid dropping your battery on a hard surface. Remember your e-cig has the same battery as your cell-phone. It may damage your e-cigarette battery completely.
3.  Do not store your battery in pockets or other places with a lot of dust. Pocket lint can get inside the battery opening and cause the switch to malfunction. When not in use, carry your battery in a protective case. 
4.  Do not poke paperclips or other hard items inside the battery. Also do not use compressed air.
5.  Charge the battery before it is totally drained. When you feel your battery is getting weak, just switch to a backup, charged battery and charge the weak one.  A totally drained battery could result in much shorter life.
6.  Make sure your hands are dry when using your e-cigarette. 
7.  While inhaling, try to keep your e-cigarette in or close to horizontal direction, else e-liquid may drip in the battery or leak into your mouth.
8.  Unscrew the cartomizer from the e-cigarette battery when not in use.
9.  Although leaving the battery to charge overnight will not damage the battery but it might shorten the life. So don’t let your battery charge for more than 4-5 hours at one time.
Periodic cleaning of the batteries is strongly recommended as the contacts do become dirty under normal usage. We recommend you to follow these steps once or twice a week to keep the battery clean:
1.  Using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, swab down the threads and contacts on the battery. Make sure the swab is not soaked, rather slightly damp to prevent the rubbing alcohol from damaging the battery internally. Make sure to wipe the swabbed-down areas with a dry paper towel and allow to dry completely before using again.
2.  Roll a small piece of paper in such a way that it has a pointed end on one side. Use that end to clean any hard-to-reach areas near and around the contacts on the battery. Then blow off any lose dirt from that area.
3.  Keep the LED side of the battery in your mouth (about half to one inch) and then blow hard onto it a couple of times. You may or may not see smoke coming out of the other side of the cartridge. Now flip the e-cig and try taking 2 or 3 strong puffs. Flip the e-cig again, keep the LED side in your mouth and try blowing again a couple of times.  Try this couple of times. This often cleans up any blockage in the air passage.
Remember your battery has the same electronic battery inside that goes in the latest smart phones. So anything that could damage your phone could also damage your Electronic cigarette.

If you fill your own liquid in the cartridges, please refer to How-do-i-refill-a-blank-cartridge on how to fill you cartridge correctly. Incorrect filling could result in liquid dripping into the battery, rendering it useless. 

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